Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Gold Stars for Peeing...or Almost Any Good Deed

Few know about why I give out ceramic gold stars to friends and strangers. Here's the backstory (and this is absolutely TMI!)

Not being able to pee one day last summer, I found myself in ER with a foley catheter followed by prostate exams, tests, and longterm Rx therapy to help me consistently urinate. Afterward, I told a few friends at a restaurant table that I will never again take simply peeing for granted and felt like I deserved a gold star just for being able to urinate. In response, local artist/ceramicist Jodi Krumel made me a bunch of half-dollar-size ceramic gold stars, which I now give out to friends for successfully peeing--or to strangers for almost any good deed. Like I said: TMI.

So, my dad died at age 81 of prostate cancer, and, since last summer's episode, I get tested annually.

All this to share some good news (and to encourage my friend Heather Morgan Dethloff who is going through chemo right now): my PSA (prostate cancer risk) count has actually declined since last summer.

Maybe having fun with the fear/problem has helped the situation. I want to think so.

BTW: Jodi Krumel is willing to make these gold stars for others. If interested, contact her at www.GetDirtyCeramics.com or jodi@GetDirtyCeramics.com

John Franklin Hay
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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