Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Adequacy and Change

We are adequate
most of the time,
sometimes less,
occasionally a bit more--
but only occasionally.

More average than
we like to think, we
unwittingly buoy the mean--
contributing to normality’s

But adequacy belies
capacities and gifts
and energies that,
every now and then,
make us extraordinary
for specific challenges,
in particular moments,
within special encounters.

A transcendent cause lifts us,
we rise to an unanticipated crisis,
a deep devotion draws us forward,
we dare to care for neighbors,
we discipline our faculties
to focus upon an inspired goal.

Then adequacy is eclipsed,
normalcy becomes moot,
stability yields to risk,
humanity becomes instrumental
to life-saving ends.

We are capable of adequacy
(and that’s good, that’s laudable),
but also of loving
(and that’s grace, that’s divine).

John Franklin Hay
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 

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