Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In a Month

February comes and goes; invested, not spent

A bit like my resolution to commute to and from work on my bicycle at least 100 days in 2014, I also resolved to blog more frequently. My excuse for not commuting via cycling is pretty sound: lots of snow and ice and zero-range temperatures. My excuse for not blogging? I have none.

I've started a few rants since my last blog post, but they lost steam before I could arrange a coherent post. That's typically a good sign to me that the rant was more steam than substance. But, just as likely, it could mean that I'm either too busy or not disciplined enough to complete the thought and make the post.

I intend to return to the rants about barriers to reentry, income inequality, and worker justice. They deserve more than passing rants. I care deeply about the issues, and they relate directly both to community building and faith living.

It's been a busy month. Beyond my day-to-day work of guiding a nonprofit community development corporation (CDC) that works to restore abandoned houses and build community opportunities in an urban Indianapolis neighborhood, I invest volunteer energies in Freewheelin' Community Bikes and Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ).

This month, as Chair of the Board of Directors for Freewheelin' Community Bikes, I facilitated a new board member orientation and board retreat, as well as participated in interviews for a new bike shop manager/mechanic.  Related to IWJ, I am helping to form a local Worker Justice Center and planning a 600-mile fundraising and awareness raising bike tour.

Additionally, this month I prepared and presented a one-hour presentation of my 600-mile bike ride through Kenya for the Speaker Series of Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA) in the downtown Central Library. That was fun, but took good chunk of spare time.

In lieu of cycling to work, I've picked up running 5 K's on a treadmill at LA Fitness every other evening or so. Becky and I go there together for the sake of fitness. It's also a good way to beat the physical inertia of midwinter.

And then, there was (were?) the Winter Olympics. That was enjoyable and inspiring to take in over two weeks.

So, that's how a month has been invested. Not spent--invested. I'm privileged to have these capacities,  opportunities, and relationships. I intend to steward them and this time as creatively and renewingly as possible.

Here's to March!

John Franklin Hay
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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