Sunday, November 24, 2013

Toward Thanksgiving

 I’m glad Thanksgiving is a designated holiday, or else I might just charge on presumptively
This holiday is for all that we
Take for granted,
Assume as a given,
Absentmindedly overlook,
Claim as our God-given right.

This holiday is for all those we
Unnecessarily criticize,
Agitate with our demands,
Impatiently rush,
Regularly impose upon.

This holiday is for all that we
By-pass in our drivenness,
Go out of our way to avoid,
Carelessly forget,
Thoughtlessly leave out.

This holiday is for all things we
Receive as gracious gifts,
Share as common ground,
Express as transcendent grace,
Return in praise to God.

John Franklin Hay
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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