Saturday, March 30, 2013

Silent Saturday

Maybe the best thing we could do on this in-between day is just shut up

I don’t know what to do with the Saturday before Easter.
Not even sure what to call it.
Holy Saturday? Dark Saturday? Black Saturday?
Or, should I take a more post-resurrection approach:
Joyous Saturday or Saturday of the Light (as the Copts).
How about Silent Saturday?

It’s that odd day in between Good Friday and Easter.
We tend to put all our eggs in those two baskets,
engaging in somber services on Good Friday and
jubilant--even braggadocios--outbursts on Easter.
But this day?
We’ve got nothing.

Maybe that’s how it should be.
Completely wrung out and undone by Friday’s
procession of confusion, denial, pain and death,
and with no realistic hope of anything beyond,
his followers scattered--speechless, witless,
utterly alone.

The more silent this day, the better.
What do deniers and deserters have to say, anyway?
People who’ve mistaken his ministry--be quiet.
Those who think hope is based on coercion and might
in Jesus’ name were dead wrong--
and still are.

Silence, especially, thoughts of resurrection.
That wasn't on the radar screen of the dismayed
when the heavy stone was rolled into place.
Don't take comfort in what you think you know.
Don't count your chickens when you
don't have chickens to count.

Wouldn't it help us all to just shut up for a few hours
and let whatever God wants to say or do
sink in
or rise up?

John Franklin Hay 
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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