Thursday, January 10, 2013


“Those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent tomorrow.” - Elie Wiesel

One day of shoes removed from Jews at Auschwitz - a
display at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
in Washington, D.C.
This post is a snippet from an essay I wrote for "Indy Vanguard," a progressive political blog based in Indianapolis. Here is the link to it.

What we accept at the start, what we take as a given, what we assume as true about others and ourselves--and freedom and power and life--makes all the difference.


Do not merely go along.
Don't take things at face value.
Don't discount misgivings.
Examine everything.
Ask lots of questions.
Look behind notions.

Trace down assertions.
Exegete perspectives.
Uncover what is intended but unspoken.
Dig deeper and deeper.
Consider what you discover.
Repent, if it is called for.
Expose untruth if it is conveyed.

Dissent for the sake of justice.
Stand for the sake of hope.
Love for the sake of neighbor.
Protest to save one soul.
Cry out now, or many may weep 

for our silence.

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