Friday, July 13, 2012


#10 of 10 ways to reveal your heart of faith when faith feels like little more than a leftover

Compressed for Twitter:

#10 Live a bigger story. Connect your life and action to make a difference for someone else. 

Decompressed for context and comment:

Live a bigger story.  This is an insight of Donald Miller that I think is spot on.  Too often, we find ourselves living a small, uninspired story.  Or, we find that we are really just playing a bit part in someone else’s story.  Either way, for lack of a dream or surpassing challenge, we dutifully plod along, perhaps feeling trapped in someone else’s plot lines or a family’s or organization’s role-plays.

Sometimes, the story we live is small and unfulfilling because we center it around ourselves or our own family.  We attempt to get our esteem or heart needs met by acquiring things, using or pleasing people, and/or trying to win approval or gain attention in myriad trivial ways.  These ultimately fail to satisfy or spin us into a larger orbit; instead, they spiral us into a diminishing, unfulfilling, self-justifying storyline.

Want to live a bigger story?  Look beyond yourself (and never look back).  Creatively connect your capacities with the hurts and hopes of others--evident all around you.  Do something magnanimous--something generous, something compassionate, something extraordinary, something radical--for others.

Deepen and widen the storyline by connecting with other like-hearted dreamers and change agents.  Together, small groups of self-giving, knowledgeable, wise, and action-focused people who do not care who gets the credit make significant changes in lives, communities and the world.  Along the way, you will not only live a bigger story, but discover a vibrant faith you either once had or never knew existed.


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