Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The difference 300 Kenyan children can make in an instant

One of the most memorable moments of our 600-mile, 2-week bicycle excursion through Kenya in May was the afternoon we arrived at the International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) school at the top of a steep hill in Kericho.  
Celebrating at KerichoUp until our late afternoon arrival in Kericho, our team had ridden the week in sunshine.   On the outskirts of town, however, dark clouds moved in and opened up with heavy rain.  Soaked to the core, we wearily rode through slippery streets.  Led by Kenya's Free Methodist Bishop Nixon Dingili, we descended and climbed the city's hills in the rain on our way to the ICCM school, which was our destination for the evening.
The last street we turned onto was a sharp, uphill climb.  It was nearly a waterfall of mud and debris flowing toward us.  Broken and rutted, it was impassable on our bikes (only one of us, Kevin Williams, an expert cyclist, managed to make it up the treacherous hill).  Drenched and tired, slipping, sliding and shivering, we pushed our bikes up the hill to the gate of the academy.  Most of us were grumbling on the inside, if not on the outside.
But as we guided our bikes through the academy gates, we were met with a surprise.  Shouts of jubilant welcome from more than 300 ICCM school children who had been waiting for us with anticipation erupted uproariously!  They cheered.  They yelled.   They called out.  They chanted.  They sang.

Completely overwhelmed, we soaked it in, forgetting the pouring rain, the rutted road and our weariness.  We were speechless.  Our grumbling turned to joy.  All we could do was to laugh and cry.  It is an experience I will never forget.

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