Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A prayer of Alan Paton as he contemplated a generation of youth

“O Lord, teach us to humble ourselves before these children who live the gospel of love and drugs because we did not live the Gospel of Love.

Teach us to humble ourselves before the problems that face our children in this generation.  Especially we pray for all parents, that they may love their children steadfastly, even in the face of bewilderment and grief.  

Teach us to humble ourselves when we contemplate the world we have made, the millions we have killed and maimed in the cause of justice.  

And above all make us instruments of Your love, that we may love those who call out…  Even if we cannot help them, teach us to love them.  

All this we ask in the name of God, who so loved the world, and of Jesus, the lover of our souls.”

-- Alan Paton, 1903-1988 in Instrument of Thy Peace, 1968

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