Thursday, June 14, 2012


#1 of 10 ways to reveal your heart of faith when faith feels like little more than a leftover.

Compressed for Twitter:

#1 Do the right thing. When no one is watching. When it's costly. Break self-betrayal. Act on the good you know to do.

Decompressed for context and comment:

You don’t have to think about how you can please God or formally express your faith in order to live it.  It is quite likely you well know the good it is possible to do.  So, do it—in simple kindnesses and in complex quandaries, in personal decisions and in those that impact others, when no one is watching and when everyone sees.

Many people have impressions of the right things to do, but routinely ignore or override them.  This is a common act of self-betrayal and it results in a lot of regret and self-deception.  End self-betrayal by choosing to do what is kind, fair and gracious.  I dare you to try it.

Choosing to do what is good and right in response to known or revealed possibilities activates faith more than almost anything else.  Faith is, after all, more a verb than a noun.  Just ask Abraham.

Doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily lead to immediate rewards.  In fact, in the short-term, it can be costly.  But the world is rife with people who have lots of everything but what is really longed for—the integrity and peace that comes from responding “yes” again and again in their heart of hearts to the opportunities to do what is right and good.


Read all 10 actions (in Twitter's 140-character format) that can reveal your heart of faith when it feels like little more than a leftover.

I will continue posting comments on all 10 actions over the next few days.

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