Monday, June 18, 2012


#3 of 10 ways to reveal your heart of faith when faith feels like little more than a leftover

Compressed for Twitter:

#3 All things connect, interact, affect one another. Life's like a woven fabric. Consider your part, how you belong.

Decompressed for context and comment:

Consider infinite interactions between plants, animals, earth and elements.  Observe simple and complex connections among people and within and across systems.  What’s reflected is surely more than survival via one preying on or playing off of the other.  Much of what happens in life might well be seen as an intricate cooperation, a creative collaboration, even a universal orchestration.

There is sacrificial yielding and giving in these interactions.  Where a sense of mutuality, responsibility and gratitude for life is evident, exchanges bend away from mere necessity and toward reverence.  But where domination and exploitation hold sway, life itself is cheapened.

Individual choices impact many lives and ecosystems. Collective responsibility can turn the tide against senseless degradation and shadowy practices. We can come to see the image and intention of God for one and all either being upheld and restored or disregarded and profaned. Given this, faith, even as small as a mustard seed, can make a significant difference.


Read all 10 actions (in Twitter's 140-character format) that can reveal your heart of faith when faith feels like little more than a leftover.

I will continue posting comments on all 10 actions over the next few days.

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