Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I know, "out standing in his field," right?

Look closely and you'll see zebra, gazelle, stork, and other wildlife just behind me. There's also a herd of cape buffalo in grazing by the lake.  This is Lake Nakuru in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.  It's just one of the places our 600-mile bicycle ride took us in May.

I blogged the two-week adventure at I've shared a number of personal reflections at that site. Also, more than 200 photos of the event can be viewed on Flickr at this link.

Bike Kenya 2012 was my third international cause-related cycling experience.  This time, I led the team, a group of experienced and novice, younger and older riders.  We had a great time together and with our Kenyan hosts.  With the support of lots of friends, we've thus far raised about $30,000 for needed high school in Eldoret. Our goal is $40,000, so we're still sharing the story.  I hope to reach the goal by summer's end.

I hope to continue facilitating cause-related international cycling excursions. Where next?  I don't know.  Thus far, we've been invited to cycle in India, Vietnam and Kenya to raise funds for a hospital, to get children sponsored for their education and to get a high school built.  I suppose I'll wait for an invitation, consider the cause, an evaluate the logistics.

Until then, I'm reminiscing with gratitude about what we saw and experienced in Kenya.  I keep saying no place can grab my heart like India. Then we traveled in Vietnam.  Then we rode through Kenya.  Go figure.

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