Thursday, September 15, 2011


How do we respond to our complicity in our neighbors' struggles?

We’re way beyond innocence,
past naïvetés
that excuse
and justify.
We’re in territory
of responsibility,
amid raw choices,
ethical dilemmas,
spiritual strongholds.

We’re in deep,
over our heads with
the future hanging
in the balance.

Yet we play
games of disguise
with ourselves
and our neighbors,
feigning sincerity,
acting as if all is well
(or nearly so),
as if our desires
and possessing
were disconnected
from any foreboding
impact beyond,
as if we were unaware
our choices destroy.

But love opens
eyes as well as hearts
with an ever widening
peripheral vision,
revealing connection
and complicity,
inviting confession
and repentance,
fueling hope
and possibility.
Love turns us
toward our neighbors
for a painful embrace
that heals the world.

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