Thursday, August 4, 2011


With a goal of raising funds to build a new school, I'm looking for 10 participants to pedal Kenya next May

Today, I launched a blog called Bike Kenya 2012 ( and started a Twitter feed for the project:  I invite you to follow my tweets and view and follow the blog.  It's going to be a great adventure--even online!

Bike Kenya 2012 is all about a bicycle ride through Kenya, May 7-21, 2012 to raise awareness and funds to build a secondary school in Nyakach, a town in the western part of  Kenya.  The secondary school, to be built and operated in partnership with International Child Care Ministries (ICCM), will make it possible for students to continue their education locally beyond primary school grades.

I'm looking for 10 pedaling/fundraising participants and lots of supporting participants.

Wanna ride?  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Contemplate it. Consider it.

Cycling participants are responsible for (1) their own event costs (approximately $3000 US) and (2) to work together with other participants to raise at least $40,000 US to purchase property and construction for the school.

Cycling participants will pedal approximately 550 miles through sometimes hilly terrain over 11 days. May is part of the dry and cooling season in Kenya.  The event will include several excursions, one to a game park in Nakuru. In Kenya, the cycling tour will begin and end in Nairobi, Kenya's burgeoning capital.

Bike Kenya 2012 is being facilitated through VISA (Volunteers In Service Abroad) and International Child Care Ministries (ICCM).  Both are based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and are affiliated with Free Methodist World Missions of the Free Methodist Church USA.

The idea for this ride emerged with an email invitation from Kenya on the eve of my January 2011 cycling ride in Vietnam.  Then, in July, I sat down with the Free Methodist Bishop of Kenya to map out details.  Bishop Nixon not only invites us to cycle through Kenya, he has committed to ride with us!

Like I said, I'm looking for all kinds of participants--cyclists as well as supporters, those who can pedal and help raise funds as well as friends who will pray and help behind the scenes with important logistics.

Wondering if you can handle the biking?  An important consideration.  We plan to ride between 45 to 70 miles per day.  That can mean up to 5 1/2 hours in the saddle.  That's really not hard to do IF you train for it.  This is not a race or a high-speed event.  You don't have to consider yourself an athlete, but you DO need to be healthy and prepared for the rigors of the road.  Those who decide to join the cycling team will have a spring 2012 training discipline to help prepare for the ride in Kenya.

So, we're just beginning. There's lots to learn, lots to figure out, lots to share.  Join in the journey--one way or another.  This time next year, may the adventure have changed us and may a fully paid-for secondary school facility be under construction because of Bike Kenya 2012.

For more information and/or to signal your interest in cycling or supporting, contact me at 
your convenience:

John Franklin Hay

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