Saturday, August 20, 2011


A prayer, a recognition, a confession, a plea, a commitment

O God,
I have never been more certain and uncertain.

Grounded and tethered in grace,
I am pulled this way and that.

Certain I am Yours and You are mine;
uncertain what all that means or
what to do with it.

Certain my life is in mission;
uncertain how that plays out
from this point forward.

Certain of what I’ve learned and experienced
formally and informally,
by study and serendipity,
by blessing and curse,
readily and hard-headedly;
uncertain how what I’ve learned
and experienced thus far
serves the future.

Certain of my love for family and friends;
uncertain as we now scatter more than
gather amid complexity how I will
convey love’s depths.

Certain of my capacities and gifts
ever developing, still maturing;
uncertain when or how or where
they will yet root, grow and bloom.

Certain the greatest work of my life lies ahead;
uncertain of its nature or acceptability or usefulness
to You, Your people, Your world.

Whatever of my certainties that are misshapen
or vain, o Potter, remold, reframe.
Whatever of my uncertainties that float on fear,
founded or unfounded, untangle, free.

Certain and uncertain, by faith
I stand with You and with my neighbors
in respectful, creative relationships,
ready now to be and do what is responsible
in love’s eyes.

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