Sunday, July 31, 2011


So ordinary, so predictable; so extraordinary, so unique 

We know the sun has been rising
every day without fail,
with no variation,
with predictable pattern
through every season
through every cycle
for billions of years.

If anything is predictable,
if anything is routine,
if anything is common
this is.

Surer than breath,
long before life
is earth's axial rotation
and its steady orbit
around the sun.

We don't even think
about it.

And yet...

Did you witness that sunrise
this morning?

Has there ever been one quite like it?
Orchestrated by God, it surely was,
for the display of God's splendor.

"Morning has broken
like the first morning..."

"Morning by morning
new mercies I see..."

"The heavens declare
the glory of God..."

A psalmist lauds:
"In the heavens God has
pitched a tent for the sun,
which is like a bridegroom
coming forth from his pavilion,
like a champion rejoicing
to run his course.
It rises at one end of the heavens
and makes its circuit to the other;
nothing is hidden from its heat."

So ordinary.
So extraordinary.

And to think I might have
taken this sunrise,
this day,
for granted.

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