Friday, July 8, 2011

Every Day I Must Choose

Every day
I must choose to forgive
and to seek forgiveness
in the most near and common relationships.

Every day
I must choose to let go of resentments,
releasing grievances, self-pities and jealousies
that would barnacle and weigh down
my soul.

Every day
I must choose to release my will to control outcomes,
realizing I cannot control people or things,
only influence with love.

Every day
I must choose grace over judgment,
mercy over a sense of self-justification and
entitlement to redress.

Every day
I must choose to see beyond my needs and desires,
to perceive my complicity and responsibility
in the basic survival of millions far
and neighbors near.

Every day
I must choose to express the Kingdom
instead of hiding my light or squandering
the gifts I've been given,
the opportunities before me.

Every day
I must choose gratitude over complaint,
joy over solemnity,
peace over disharmony,
hope over despair,
life over death.

Every day
I must choose to awaken to the life of God
given to me as a precious gift
to generously give away.


  1. John,

    Can’t remember what link directed me to your blog but I’ve spent the last few hours reviewing your writings. I’m impressed with your responses to various issues; such as nationalism, peace, nonviolence, care for creation, poverty, etc.

    I am also drawn to many of the individuals that you have quoted in your blog, such as Bonhoeffer, King, Gandhi, Yoder, Claiborne, Campolo, Manning … This brings me to the motive behind this correspondence. I’d like to (possibly) introduce you to a person whose teachings have greatly impacted my life. His name is Bruxy Cavey from The Meeting House in Canada. In my humble opinion, he articulates the peace teachings and politics of Christ better than any other person on this planet. If you’re interested in his perspective, I recommend a series of messages entitled “Inglorious Pastors, Waging Peace in a World at War.” Here’s the link to this series,
    Scroll down to April 2010. The first message in the series is “The Emperor’s New Clothes - How we got from Enemy Love to the Just War.” I promise that you won’t be disappointed. The titles alone are intriguing and are worth the “cost of admission” (your time).

    We do hold many similar views but unfortunately the love of cycling is not one of them. Sorry, sweating is not one of my favorite things to do.

    Warmest Regards, (from a 60 year old Bruxy groupie)
    Ron Cabay
    Manhattan, IL


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