Monday, July 18, 2011


I always try to do these things. Sometimes they string me out. Sometimes, however, I grow.

I always try
to give the benefit of the doubt,
to bear with strange notions
and unfamiliar or unusual ideas,
to look beyond apparent weirdness,
to accept people as they are
as far as I can;
to withhold judgment
for the sake of hope,
to suspend reaction and critique
for the sake of learning,
to reach across barriers
for the sake of understanding
and finding common ground;
and, where possible,
to stand in the gap
for the sake of grace.

Sometimes, these string me out;
sometimes, I get burned.

Sometimes, however, I grow,
and so do others.

Afterthought: I am acutely aware that others try to offer me similar graces in the face of my recalcitrance and idiosyncrasies. May grace prevail among us all!

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