Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Though I think I know more than most Christians about Passover, I am still pretty clueless about the heart of it.

Do I have any real clue about the meaning of Passover?  I confess, I do not. 

Not in any way that grasps the heart of its meaning which my Jewish friends and associates annually experience and express.  Not in any way that intimately appreciates the collective soul that resonates in Passover's passages and symbols.  Not in any way that grasps the depth of bondage and release that are wrapped up in the journey of a people.

I say this having participated in "Christ in the Passover" Seder meals on numerous occasions.  I say this having studied in seminary and dialogued ecumenically and celebrated Passover's exodus themes in liberation theologies.  I say this having heard comparison after comparison to the Christian story, particularly relating to Holy Week.

Still, I am convinced that, apart from filtering its meaning through Christian reinterpretations, I am pretty much clueless about the meaning of Passover.  At age 52, I am embarrassed to say that I mostly hold only barely-informed notions and ideas about Passover.  Granted, I will put the little I know about Passover as more information and perspective than 90% of Christians.  But that's not saying much.

For the sake of understanding my Jewish neighbors and celebrating the heart of Passover, for the sake of genuine solidarity and heartful knowing, I hope in coming years to have some experience, some firsthand relationship, some breakthrough that will deepen and broaden me in this regard.

Even then, I imagine it will be with a sense of observing reverence and respect that I will "know."  And always as one being grafted in.

To all my friends who are engaging in the Celebration of Freedom , God bless you.

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