Sunday, March 13, 2011


Vonnegut might say, "And so it goes."

Junior ROTC cadets with
faces too smooth to shave
march to ancient paces
in the high school parking lot.
Across the way, football linesmen
drive heavy sleds forward--
preparing for gladiatorial glory.

Antiquity lives in these open spaces.
Here, history readies itself to be repeated.
We follow rutted ways which
only this generation believes are
untrodden and promising.

Fresh meat, we are, in a grinder
too large and slow for us
to see without insight, and
without foresight these young lives
shall be swallowed up in toil,
not for ideals, but for small gains
amid dominators' veiled schemes.

Pretending cadets and the varsity players
who now mock them will together
be in uniform under fire from
young pawns like themselves who
do the bidding of rival gang leaders.

And so it goes.

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