Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Examine closely the underpinnings of what you accept as reality and good

UNDERPINNINGS.  It's where you begin, what you accept as a valid beginning point that matters greatly.  But we rarely look there.  We hardly ever question back to the beginning.  We simply do not take the time to discover the possibly tenuous underpinnings of what we accept as normative, as truth, as good policy, as life-sustaining value, as world-saving action.

WHAT GERMAN CITIZENS ACCEPTED.  My sense is that most of the proud German people living in the beginning days of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (a conservative, moral-values based political party) did not examine the roots of their angst or challenge the underpinnings of the solutions to their national woes that the Nazi party proposed.

UNTRUTH BECAME NORMATIVE.  They went along.  They accepted.  They allowed.  They didn't pay attention to their subtle doubts.  And what they allowed and accepted became normative for their children.  It had the ring of truth and strength in numbers.  They were led to believe and thought themselves to be on a heroic journey of national restoration and attempted to bring what they believed to be a liberating governance to weaker countries stalled in economic and moral malaise.

SIXTY-FIVE YEARS LATER.  Sixty-five years later, Auschwitz death camp stands as a reminder that such unquestioning acceptance sent more than 1,100,000 Jews, gypsies, gays, and other stereotyped prisoners to gas chambers and crematoriums that ran day and night.  Today’s world leaders solemnly vow "never again" and at the same time do not examine the norms they accept or the perilous underpinnings or trajectories of the actions they take.

CRY OUT NOW.  Examine everything.  Question authority.  Trace down every assertion.  Look behind every notion.  Check the news media--left, right and center.  Exegete perspectives.  Do not just go along.  Do not just accept what is said.  Speak what you discover.  Repent if it is called for.  Expose untruth if it be so.  Cry out now, or many may weep for our silence.

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