Sunday, December 12, 2010


12th in the "Unsettling Advent" series

Gustavo Gutierrez, who's groundbreaking book A Theology of Liberation, sparked robust dialogue that continues two decades after its initial publication, writes poignantly of the impact and implications of what is known as the Magnificat--the outburst or outcry of the pregnant Mary that Luke tells of in Luke 1:46-55.  Of Mary's song, Gutierrez writes:

“Mary’s thanksgiving and joy are closely linked to the action of God who liberates the oppressed and humbles the powerful. ‘The hungry he has satisfied with good things, the rich sent empty away.’ The future of history belongs to the poor and exploited… In them, the Lord saves history.”

WILL YOU PARTICIPATE? Gutierrez writes: “Every prophetic proclamation of total liberation in the Bible is accompanied by an invitation to participate in God’s eschatological joy: ‘I will delight in Jerusalem and rejoice in my people’ (Isaiah 65:19). This joy ought to fill our entire existence, making us attentive both to the gift of liberation of people and history as well as to the detail of our life and the lives of others.”

ALREADY AND STILL AWAITED He says: “Joy is born of the gift already received yet still awaited
and is expressed in the present despite the difficulties and tensions of the struggle for the construction of a just society."

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