Wednesday, December 1, 2010


2nd in the "Unsettling Advent" series
Time was when I was an unconscious consumer, that is, a shopper, a marketplace purchaser, a buyer not aware or caring about the sources or processes of things I bought or consumed.  Time was when I was naive.

But that was long ago. I am and have been enough aware of sources, processes, systems, exchanges, exploitations, ploys and wages to be fully complicit in the collective crime we call the free market economy.  

And so are you.

I only continue by pathetic excuses, by self-justifications and denials, by dulling my conscience, by playing "out of sight, out of mind," by blindly hope that, somehow, the way I spend and consume is making a positive difference for primary laborers worldwide.  But, honestly, I suspect this is an illusion.

So, what shall I do about this?  What will you do about your complicity?  Where do we go from here?

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