Monday, November 15, 2010



Don't let us live in denial of our complicity with evil in the world.

Dare we live before you and our fellow humans as if charity will suffice,
as if a "sacrifice of praise" is sacrifice at all,
as if it's enough to mind our own business and be nice,
as if this "justice for all" thing will take care of itself?

Do not let spiritual amnesia  excuse us and perpetuate the separation
between "faith" and works of mercy and justice that
reflect your will and define your character.

Liberate us from our fear and shallowness:
fear that we will be inadequate for the task of bearing loving justice;
shallowness that keeps us focused on secondary issues and trivial pursuits.

Help us to understand and practice your Word comprehensively,
leaving the outcome to you.

First and foremost, I pray, convince and convict us of our complicity,
so that we confess it honestly and respond responsibly.


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