Monday, November 22, 2010


Howard Thurman contemplates an ingathering beyond nature's
I found the following insight in Howard Thurman’s For the Inward Journey: 
“Great and significant as is the harvest in nature, the most pertinent kind of ingathering of the human spirit is what I call ‘the harvest of the heart.’  Living is a shared process.  Inasmuch as I do not live or die unto myself, it is of the essence of wisdom for me conscientiously to live and die in the profound awareness of other people.  The statement, ‘Know thyself,’ has been taken mystically from the statement, ‘Thou hast seen thy brother, thou has seen thy God.’”
For whom, for what, might we give thanks this week?  Forgo trying to conjure up sentimentality.
Instead, contemplate.  Perhaps a gratitude might arise from the depths of contemplation, or out of a moment’s realization of our sacred interconnectedness.  And dare we confess our modest appreciation to these beloved ones?  Be careful, gratitude might be contagious. 

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