Sunday, September 5, 2010


Can we fill our minds with so much ideological babble that we cannot hear with a heart of faith?

I wrote the following bit thinking of some folks I have served as pastor whose minds were so shaped by listening to Rush Limbaugh hour upon hour every day that his perspectives seemed to be the filter through which they saw and heard everything, even the Gospel.  They would challenge me when I shared parts of the Bible that didn't meet their litmus test.  So much for a Christ-shaped conscience.  But Dittoheads are not the only ones at risk.  Ideologies of every sort and intensity vie for our minds and our hearts.  Beware.
Political ideologies absorbed
via radio, TV and idle conversation
all week long
feed my frustrations,
fuel my suspicions,
form  my thinking,
mock my carelessness,
flag my rights,
name my enemies,
demand that my self interest
be central and satisfied
in the name of God,
for the good of Country
and the preservation of
Freedom itself.

Is this the Way
I have chosen?
Is it the Truth
I have embraced?
Is this the Life
I am promised?

What’s that beneath the noise:
a still, small Voice?

Without vigilance
and careful discernment
amid clashing kingdoms,
I may unwittingly impose
a once-rejected idol’s imprint
over Christ’s image
on my heart.

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