Sunday, May 30, 2010


The song written for our 1981 wedding by Mildred "Mickie" Cope

Mildred "Mickie" Cope was for a generation the principal pianist at Westside Church of the Nazarene in Indianapolis.  She wrote published hymns such as "Holy Spirit, Be My Guide."  She penned this song for us and we sang it together in our wedding on May 30, 1981...29 years ago today.  Mickie died two years go.

From this day forward we two shall be as one
From this day forward with our new life begun
We'll trust our Father to guide us through each day
To give us wisdom and help us on our way

Our love shall deepen as we walk hand in hand
Through joy or sorrow and we shall understand
That in His goodness He will supply our needs
He'll walk before us as He gently leads

From this day forward our hopes and dreams we'll share
From this forward we'll work, we'll plan, we'll share
And to each other our true love we will give
And keep on loving so long as we shall live

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