Sunday, April 5, 2015

Resurrection, Prejudice and Pride

by Wilfred L. Winget

O Mighty, Holy Breath of God
On this glorious Day of Resurrection
Blow open all the shutters of our minds
bursting the barriers of
  prejudice and pride
  insensitivity and sloth
  ignorance and fear
stretching wide our vision of
  what you are doing
  where you are working
    in our fascinating
    exasperating world.

  Blow wide the doors of our hearts
    impelling us outward to
      the lonely and loveless
      the angry and hopeless
      the empty and faithless
        as ready instruments
        of your Grace.

  Blow up our lungs to keep us shouting
      Yes to Faith in the face of fear
      Yes to Hope in defiance of despair
      Yes to Love in spite of apathy
      Yes to Life in the teeth of death

Through Christ, the Living One,
  Our Lord.

Wil Winget taught at Spring Arbor University until losing a painfully terrible bout with cancer about 30 years ago.  He was brother-in-law to one of my seminary New Testament professors and friend Morris Weigelt, who shared the poem with me.  To me, it captures the breathtaking promise and challenge of practicing resurrection.

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