Monday, April 5, 2010


After Easter celebrations end, what’s the enduring reality of present risenness?

PRESENT IMPLICATIONS. Easter celebrations conclude and Monday morning rolls around. What difference has the Resurrection really made?

I am exploring the idea of "present risenness" (a phrase coined by Brennan Manning) on Indy Bikehiker this week.  The focus is not so much on its future promise as its present practice.

I’ve found no more profound statement of the present implications of resurrection than in the following reflection by William Stringfellow, quoted here from an anthology of his writings titled A Keeper of the Word, compiled by Bill Wylie Kellerman and published by Eerdmans. 

FREEDOM NOW. “To become and be a beneficiary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ means to live here and now in a way that upholds and honors the sovereignty of the Word of God in this life in this world, and that trusts the judgment of the Word of God in history. That means freedom now from all conformities to death, freedom now from fear of the power of death, freedom now from all bondage of idolatry to death, freedom now to live in hope while awaiting the judgment."

THIS LIFE, THIS WORLD. "The resurrection is impregnated with all that has gone before; these encounters of Christ with death and its powers in history mean that his triumph over death there shown is offered for human beings and for the whole world. His victory is not for himself but for us. His power over death is effective not just at the terminal point of a person's life but throughout one's life, during THIS life in THIS world, right now.”

AMID DEATH’S WORKS. "This power is effective in the times and places in the daily lives of human beings when they are so gravely and relentlessly assailed by the claims of principalities for an idolatry that, in spite of all disguises, really surrenders to death as the reigning presence in the world. His resurrection means the possibility of living in this life, in the very midst of death's works, safe and free from death.”

FOR US ALL NOW. "Christ's resurrection is for human beings and for the whole of creation, including the principalities of this world. The reign of death and, within that, the pretensions to sovereignty over history of the principalities, is brought to an end in Christ's resurrection. The claim of a nation, ideology, or other principality to rule history, though phony and futile, is at the same time an aspiration for salvation, a longing for the reality that does, indeed, rule history. In the same reality in which the pretension of the principality is exposed and undone, how and in whom salvation is wrought is disclosed and demonstrated. In Christ is both the end and fulfillment for all principalities, for all humanity, and for all things.”

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  1. The Monday After presents an important question: How now shall I live in light of the resurrection?


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