Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What difference has my celebration of Jesus' Resurrection made, so far?

O God,

Removed just days from celebrating
Jesus' Resurrection, I wonder
if I have yet begun to grasp
but a fraction of its meaning
and power for me,
for the church,
for the world?
I press on presumingly,
speaking Resurrection words
but carrying on as if little
had occurred.

I got stirred up about Easter
but I am apparently changed little.
Radicality dissipates into
minor adjustments,
shallow commitments,
tepid dreams.

Still, I dare to hold to faith in Easter,
to believe that on that morning
no mere rustled resettling occurred
but a tectonic plate shifted reality for
a world without transcendence,
people without hope,
life locked in death.

Help me to explore and live the Third Day
in the face of my own doubts.
Believing you live and go before me,
meeting me in unlikely moments,
I go forward into this day,
this work,
these relationships,
your world.


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