Friday, February 12, 2010


Two kinds of learning, both valuable, during and since seminary

I studied to exegete Scriptures
To parse Greek verbs
And comprehend the historic sitz em leben.

I live in exegesis of communities
To perceive neighborhood nuances
And understand the spirit of these times.

I trained to perceive divine vision
To cultivate prophetic imagination
And stand up to proclaim.

I live in articulation of that vision
To cultivate the Kingdom
And speak the truth in love.

I learned the disciplines of pastoral care
To map the terrain of the soul
And discern the heart.

I live in reflection of shepherding
To travel soul-shaping terrain
And guard my heart.

I studied the history of Christianity
To appreciate church antiquity
And apprehend its cycles.

I live in a dynamic chapter of the story
To influence the present generation
And fulfill my calling.

I learned how to advance my denomination
To accentuate its unique subtleties
And increase its market share.

I live as an expatriate of that denomination
To celebrate the church without walls
And draw the circle ever wider.

I learned to be a student of theology
To study the ways of God
And plumb the mysteries divine.

I live as a student of life
To reflect God's active presence
And bear tangible mercy and grace.

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