Monday, February 22, 2010


Might the cross Haiti bears become a source of hope for us all?

I spoke in a church yesterday, relating the following story.

I met Mondale Perkins Oscar when I traveled to Haiti a few weeks ago.  Mondale grew up as a sponsored child through International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) of the Free Methodist Church.  He now serves as Field Coordinator for ICCM in Haiti, with responsibility for 53 schools, over 8,900 sponsored children and 20 staff members.  Mondale is in his early thirties.  He lost everything in the earthquake and now lives in a tent.  His immediate family is safe, but a brother-in-law perished in the quake; other family members were injured.  This week, he sent the following remarkable, insightful e-mail.

“What a wonderful God we serve!

“As you heard, my nation had 3 days fasting.  Today [Sunday, February 14] was the last day.  If you could be here to see the desire of the Haitian people seeking God’s presence…I know that God has something to do with my brothers and sisters in Haiti.

“Before Jesus comes back, there will be a great revival, and we have the feeling this will happen in Haiti first.  Haitian people must be united in one Spirit.  There will be a New Haiti soon.  God will do what is impossible for man.

“Now, it is the time for one to accept the other whoever he is and whatever he possesses.  Those people considered as poor, and those they consider as rich--right now, there is no one rich and no one poor.  Everybody is sleeping outdoors together. We have learned to share even our tent, small as it is.  There is no place for selfishness, and of course in that condition, we cannot be selfish.

“Haitian people have learned a good lesson of life.  There are still wicked and criminals.  For those, only God can change their heart.  Many people have come to Christ, some emotionally, others truly.  One way or another, God has been glorified.  We praise Him!”

Could it be the cross that has been thrust upon these people becomes for them an instrument of coming to grips with one another as neighbors, as people sharing a common life, a common hope, a common purpose, a common invitation and, through them, a light to us all?
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