Friday, February 19, 2010


Today included a visit with the parents of Free Methodist missionary Jeanne Acheson-Munos, who was killed in the collapse of a building during the Haitian earthquake on January 12.  Her parents, R.B. and Dolly, are 92.  R. B. served as my pastor when I moved to Indianapolis in 1976 and he officiated our wedding.  I've visited with this precious couple several times in the weeks since the quake, serving as a liaison for the Free Methodist Church.

How does one handle losing a daughter who was so committed to Jesus and to her sense of calling to the Haitian people?  They are handling it with grace.  They knew they had an exceptional daughter, one who, the last time she saw them, said she really didn't care if she ever came back to the United States and that she wanted to die and be buried in Haiti.  They are proud of Jeanne.  They wonder why her life was taken.  But they also have a faith that leaves it in God's hands.

I think of Jeanne's deep commitment to end child slavery in Haiti, to stop the use of restaveks.  She was outspoken in confronting the church and individuals in order to free and defend children forced into household servitude.  The passion she carried for this was remarkable. Now her voice and passion is not there.  Who will lift up their cause?

I think of Jeanne's life and death and the experience of R.B. and Dolly.  I'm grateful for her life and witness.  I'm grateful for being witness to the responses of her elderly parents to this tragedy.  And I'm thankful that both she and they attached their lives in faith to Jesus, whom the Bible says laid down his life for them, for us, for all.

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