Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been busy trying to learn and convey information on behalf of ICCM and 8,900 sponsored children in Haiti

This news clip on Indianapolis FOX affiliate TV 59 reflects just one of the challenge we've been grappling with since last Tuesday afternoon.


It's been a non-stop week for me and for many since learning of the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti last Tuesday afternoon.  Really, I just want to be in Haiti right now.  As much as I can do on these sidelines, in my heart I'd rather be on the streets with the suffering.  I'll just bullet-point some of the things I've been doing or involved in:

I've made a monetary contribution. I encourage you to do that right now. It's what's needed most by rescue and relief efforts at the moment.  Give through organizations you've come to count on, in whom you have confidence.

I'm praying.  Specific prayers?  Sometimes.  Mostly a vigilant presence of mind and heart.  I want my heart to continue to be broken and positively and wisely responsive to this natural disaster and humanitarian response.

Each day, I've gathered information and posted updates for the sponsors of ICCM.  We have 8,900 children who are sponsored in Haiti, 1867 of whom are in the Port-au-Prince area, along with staff.  The latest ICCM Bulletin can be accessed at this link.

I've met with ICCM and Free Methodist World Mission staff on effective responses and been on the phone much more than usual in response strategies and efforts.

I've met several times with the parents and a brother of Jeanne Acheson-Munos, who was buried and unable to be rescued of a Free Methodist building in Port-au-Prince.

I've conducted three TV interviews and several phone interviews with local media outlets regarding the loss of Jeanne, a woman who grew up and was based in Indianapolis.

I've monitored news outlets almost constantly, trying to keep up with breaking information and scanning for any news of our kids or leaders.  We know now that most of our ICCM and Free Methodist leaders are alive, though most have lost everything and are living in temporary shelter.

I have been working to share information and converse with people about the situation on Facebook and via Twitter.  Still very fascinated with these social networking media.

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