Thursday, December 10, 2009


A few thoughts after 14 years of posting and sharing reflections online and via e-mail.

I was thinking of my online journaling the other day in terms of George Jones' standard "I was country when country wasn't cool."  I was blogging when blogging wasn't only not cool, it wasn't even a word.  I started putting together reflections on current events and personal intersections in 1995.  I called them "Grace Notes," posted them on a free Geocities website (Geocities is now defunct) and sent them (inflicted them. ha!) via e-mail to everyone on my e-mail list.  I did this every week for years.  Correction: I've continued to do this just about every week for 14 years.

Interesting how e-mail and the Internet have evolved during these years.  I got left in the dust for a while on some of the developments.  I invested a lot of time and effort doing things one way, only to find the platform and center had changed.  Some of them I shunned in caution, like chat and chat rooms.  Some of them I just never quite figured out, like user groups.  I've lurked and contributed on some listservs.  After working with my Geocities site for years, I finally started this Indy Bikehiker blog site in 2002 and started using it daily in 2004.  I've developed a few related blogs, but find I'm spread too thin to keep them all current all the time.  Most everything catches here.

I changed the name of my weekly e-mailed e-journal from "Grace Notes" to "Grace Between the Lines" a few years ago. Seemed like lots of folks were starting to  use "Grace Notes" and it was hard to keep above the water on search engines.  "Grace Between the Lines" seems to capture more of what I observe and write about.  I still put a weekly edition of "Grace Between the Lines" together and send it via "blind copy" to a growing list.  Maybe 400 are on it.  Most of what's in GBTL is also first posted here on Indy Bikehiker.

Lately, I've been fascinated with the social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook.  They're fun and interesting to me.  And they seem to integrate well with what I'm doing with my journaling here.  However, I find that I'm writing less here since starting to use FB and Twitter.  I feel the need to take more time just to write, recollect, reflect, sift, and keep on writing.  Someday, I hope I'll develop into a decent writer.  Until then, I'll just enjoy keyboarding or writing things that strike me as interesting, creative, challenging, profound, agitating, and/or of grace.  Thanks for reading and responding every now and then.

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  1. For awhile I was trying to figure out what it was about blogging that everyone seemed to like. Now, that I have been blogging for a whole 3.75 months I have a little more understanding. I really enjoy it. Also it has stretched me and made me think more deeply about the topics I blog on.

    There may well be an upcoming entry on blogging on my blog!

  2. I very much enjoy your writing, John. [And your pix are a sweet bonus.]


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