Thursday, December 31, 2009


A few things come to mind as reflect briefly on the last twelve months.  I'm thinking in terms of forgiveness and gratitude.  Some things and people I forgive--including myself.  Some things I am particularly grateful for at this moment.

I recognize that I let small things and small-minded people really get to me in 2009. I permitted these to seriously unsettle me. I regret that. Forgiving them. Forgiving myself. Learning lessons.

Forgiveness, also...
  • for missed opportunities for reconciliation or investing time in someone's future;
  • for lowering my expectations of myself and others;
  • for all who are truly either incompetent or aggressively reckless drivers on the highways (including me, sometimes);
  • for all "Christians" who sent me hate-e-mail in my advocacy for health care reform;
  • for those who mistreated my kids and spouse;
  • for mean people;
  • for thinking or saying "mean people suck";
  • for not seeking to understand
Regarding gratitude...

I continue to be grateful for a solid sense of place in this city. I found myself expressing my love for Indianapolis in a conversation just this morning. So many people, aspects and relationships make this, for me, an endearing, challenging, and hopeful milieu of living and forward-looking.

Also, I followed through on my promise to advocate vociferously for health care reform on behalf of the many uninsured neighbors I've personally encountered since I said/did nothing the last time access to affordable health care for all was on the national table. Not pleased with what the Senate has done to the legislation, but grateful that near-universal access and reform are moving forward.

More later...

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