Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My friend's bike at my favorite urban watering hole

HIGH WHEELER.  My friend David is about 6 feet, 9 inches all.  This is his ride. He doesn't use a car. His bike is parked in front of Unleavened Bread Cafe at the corner of Central and 30th Street.  The cafe has a community room that's used for lots of group meetings.  I've been meeting there with a group of friends every Wednesday morning for about eight years. David's at that table, too.  The UBC community room also houses this church.

URBAN CHURCH, URBAN BIKING.  Somehow, the sign of this little urban church with the bicycle parked against it reached out to me.  Two things I love.  The church in the city, in its myriad forms--formal and informal, charismatic and institutional, walled and without walls--thrives in the city, despite turbulent times (and maybe because of them).  Urban biking is on the upswing in Indy, with more designated lanes being marked, more rails-to-trails projects developing, and more trying to commute more frequently on bikes.  I'm grateful for both and want to continue to encourage and advocate for them.

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