Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Am I too old to be thinking this way?  I think not.

Maybe it comes from spending years under the heavy and often punitive hand of authoritarian guidance.  At some point, my unquestioning compliance completely gave way.  I found a firmer ground and path forward in life.  I have been asking often-unwelcomed and awkward questions ever since.  And I value such questions being asked of me.  It seems to me that this is the only possible way to authentic authority and shared and celebratory outcomes.

Question authority.
Examine everything.
Do not discount your misgivings.
Do not just accept what is said.
Do not merely go along.
Exegete perspectives.
Trace down accepted assertions.
Look behind common notions.
Uncover what is intended but unspoken.
Speak what you discover.
Repent, if it is called for.
Expose untruth if it be so.
Cry out now, or many may
weep for your silence.

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