Monday, November 2, 2009


Walter Wink posits 16 ways Jesus taught and nonviolently responded to injustice and evil.
  • Seize the moral intiative.
  • Find a creative alternative to violence.
  • Assert your own humanity and dignity as a person.
  • Meet force with ridicule or humor.
  • Break the cycle of humiliation.
  • Refuse to submit or to accept the inferior position.
  • Expose the injustice of the system.
  • Take control of the power dynamic.
  • Shame the oppressor into repentance.
  • Stand your ground.
  • Force the powers into decisions for which they are not prepared.
  • Recognize your own power.
  • Be willing to suffer rather than retaliate.
  • Force the oppressor to see you in a new light.
  • Deprive the oppressor of a situation where force is effective.
  • Be willing to undergo the penalty of breaking unjust laws.

-- From The Impossible Will Take A Little While, edited by Paul Rogat Loeb. Walter Wink is one of the most outstanding living theologians.  His work on "the powers" is required reading for anyone trying to make a difference in the world today.  These points--and their full Biblical bases--are found in Jesus and Nonviolence: The Third Way.

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