Friday, November 13, 2009


An Advent reflection and line of thought I'm working on...or that's working on me

Since starting to invest my time with International Child Care Ministries earlier this year, I’ve seen the faces of thousands of children.  They come to us from nearly every continent: “mug shot” photos of kids from every kindred, every tribe.

A local caregiver asks them to look at the camera.  Some stand stoically.  Many beam brightly.  Others grin shyly.  A few frown.  The photos will attach to a folder to attract a new sponsor or be mailed as an update to a faithful one.

No wonder people like serving with ICCM--they get to see all these beautiful children all the time.  What a delight!

God sees these children’s faces.  God sees our faces, too.  Some of us smile.  Many hesitate.  Others are sad.  More than a few frown.  God is drawn to what he sees in us, regardless of how we appear or feel.  How God delights in each one!

What’s more, God wants us to see and know him, too.  The Incarnation brings God into our full view.  God’s likeness and love is reflected in the face of the Child.  God’s hoping that when we see Jesus, we’ll recognize how much we’re loved, lay aside our hurts and hesitations, and step forward in trusting confidence.

And seeing and knowing Jesus, maybe we’ll begin to see every child like God sees them, and to see his likeness in each one.  And to delight!

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  1. What a beautiful child, and winsome reflection on this child and all the others. Yesterday I heard Mark Van Valin preach and he reminded us that to delight is always a choice, as is to despise. The more we know a person, the more we may be tempted to despise them in all their flawed humanity, but the work of God is to give us the capacity to be delighted in others.


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