Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today is Becky's half-century mark and I celebrate her vibrant life

She was sixteen (a year after this 10th grade photo) when I met her right after I moved from West Virginia to Indianapolis.  I was senior in high school and she was a junior, though just six months younger than me.  My cousin Beth introduced us at a church youth group gathering.  We went out on a few dates in those days.  Our first date was to a North Central High School football game and then to Noble Romans for Sicilian deep-dish pizza.  But it wasn't until the beginning of my junior and her sophomore year at Olivet Nazarene College (now University) that we found that we were drawn and committed to each other exclusively.  Two years later, we married.

Becky's as cute and exuberant and full of grace as she was when I met her back then.  No more Dorothy Hamill hair cut, but she's stylish and fit.  She runs and walks several miles each evening after working as a school nurse to over 1,000 ninth-grade students.  And who could have known what a great mom she would become?  I'm still amazed.  Becky's also deeply spiritual.  She doesn't go in for religious pretense or church politics or dramatic displays of hyper spirituality.  Just the same, I am convinced she lives the Word and the Word lives in her.

I'm privileged to share life with Becky.  One of the privileges and responsibilities of a spouse is to guard and empower all that is precious and mysterious and unique in your loved one through a lifetime.  That is my continuing commitment and joy.

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  1. Sweet post!

    I laughed at the picture. I'll be 50 next year; I remember that hair cut and sweater vividly.

    Congratulations on your long life together.

    P.S. Special win by the Colts this past week.


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