Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I wrote this poem in 1998 after a rather intense citizens' forum in Shelbyville, Indiana

Who makes these decisions
     About where traffic lights go,
Where highways are built,
     How fast or how slow?

Who makes these decisions
     About size, width, and scale,
About where parks can be planted,
     Where county jails?

Who makes these decisions
     About developing land;
How much shall we grow,
     Which trees shall stand?

Who makes these decisions,
     That give shape to a town,
That set habitation,
     That move us around?

Others make these decisions
     When we don’t get involved,
When we choose not to care,
     When we have no resolve.

Others make these decisions
     They speak in our names,
They assume our places,
     It’s part of the game.

Others make these decisions
But do they represent or
     Count on passivity?

Who makes these decisions
     Is up to you and me.
If we care not about them,
     Do we care to be free?

We make these decisions;
     These decisions are ours.
Unless we concede them,
     These are within our power.

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