Monday, October 12, 2009


A poem of Gregory Norbert, Weston Priory quoted from "Celtic Daily Prayer"

A time to gather, a time to reap
the fruits we've planted, hoping to bear peace.
The seeds have fallen so many months ago:
the harvest of our life will come.

In tenderness is life's beauty known;
and as we listen the morning star will shine.
The days go by; why not let them be filled
with new and surprising joys.

A time for kneading love's leaven well,
to open up and go beyond ourselves;
and as we reach for this moment, we know
that love is a gift born in care.

A time for hoping and being still,
to go on turning away from brittle fear.
A time to come back with all of one's heart
and bending to another's call.

This is our journey through forests tall;
our paths may differ; and yet among them all
life's dreams and visions sustain us on our way,
as loving gives birth to joy, gives birth to joy.

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