Friday, October 2, 2009


No matter how many times I've chosen them before, these are essential daily choices

Every day
I must choose.

Every day
I must choose to forgive
and to seek forgiveness
in the most near and common relationships.

Every day
I must choose to let go resentments,
releasing grievances, self-pities and jealousies
that would barnacle and weigh down
my soul.

Every day
I must choose to release my will to control outcomes,
realizing I cannot control people or things--
only influence with love.

Every day
I must choose grace over judgment,
mercy over a sense of self-justification and
entitlement to redress.

Every day
I must choose to see beyond my needs and desires,
to perceive my complicity and responsibility
in the basic survival of millions far
and neighbors near.

Every day
I must choose to express the Kingdom
instead of hiding my light or squandering
the gifts I've been given and
the opportunites before me.

Every day
I must choose gratitude over complaint,
joy over solemnity,
peace over disharmony,
hope over despair,
life over death.

Every day
I must choose to awaken to the life of God
given to me as a precious gift
to generously give away.

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