Sunday, September 27, 2009


My first journey to So Cal in more than a decade

I've been in the Los Angeles area for a few days in planning meetings and speaking at a church.  On Saturday, a friend treated me to a driving tour of some of the best surfing beaches on the continent.  It was my top choice among other more popular tourist attractions in this vast area.

So, down Highway 1 to Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, Crystal Bay State Beach, and Laguna Beach we went.  Especially enjoyed standing on the Huntington Beach Pier and watching hundreds of surfers line up north and south--as far as the eye could see--to catch robust waves.

Lots of youth were throwing themselves into a powerful surf.  But I was more impressed that so many gray-haired geezers--older than me--were catching waves and riding them with grace.  I surmise they've been doing this since childhood or teen years.  I envy them and hope to get the hang of it before I die.

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