Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been talking and writing about health-care reform: here are some online links and resources

MEDIA COVERAGE.  Lately, I've been talking and writing about the positive relationship between faith and health reform. I am advocating for quality, accessible, affordable health care for all. I am trying to encourage my fellow Christian believers and ministers to conduct truth-seeking, truth-speaking conversations about it and to lift up the Biblical examples of caring for the health of all.

LINKS AS RESOURCES FOR DIALOG.  Below are links to some of the things I've posted or stories about my perspective or interviews with me that have been posted at various locations over the past three weeks.  I share these because they contain ideas, perspective, and Biblical touchstones for discussing health care reform in the context of faith communities.

WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT?  In addition, I am available to talk with pastors or church groups about health care reform.  You may contact me at :

My Bikehiker blogposts on health-care reform:

The truth in response to the viral e-mail full of misinformation.
Links to faith-based organizations advocating for health-care reform.
Five Christian Considerations for Health-Care Reform.
The Samaritan Imperative and The Role of Government.
Can We Get Beyond Bias?
Dallas Willard on Wealth and Poverty

Sojourners "God's Politics" blog posted my "Five Christian Considerations for Health-Care Reform":

The article was re-posted to the website
NUVO Newsweekly, Indianapolis alternative newspaper posted my interview with editor David Hoppe:

The Indianapolis Star ran a front-page story and quoted me:

Everyday Christian website posted an article based in part on an interview with me:

The Indianapolis Star ran a Metro-State front-page story that quoted me:

Local CBS Affiliate WISH-TV 13 ran a story based partly on an interview with me

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