Friday, August 28, 2009


This piece by T. R. Reid dispels hysteria about "socialized medicine" in other countries

I wish everyone would read this piece posted on Oregon Live.  It dispels hysteria and misinformation that is being circulated and repeated regarding the nature of medicine practiced in other industrialized nations. The fear of "socialized medicine" has become a unwarranted concern in the American health care reform dialog.  T. R. Reid puts those fears to rest.  Here's some of the truth, friends, we need to be seeking and heading...and speaking.

Here are the five myths:

1. It's all socialized medicine out there.
2. Overseas, care is rationed through limited choices and long lines.
3. Foreign health care systems are inefficient, bloated bureaucracies.
4. Cost controls stifle innovation.
4. Health insurance has to be cruel.

And here's the link to the full story that dispels these wrong-headed assumptions.

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