Monday, August 10, 2009

40 Days for Health Reform

I'm privileged to be part of Sojourners and Faith in Public Life's "40 Days for Health Reform" initiative. This is an effort to lift up the voices of people of faith and faith communities who want health care & insurance reform that covers all Americans with affordable, quality, accessible health care. I just concluded a national press conference call regarding this.

Here is the statement I provided these organizations for this initiative:

“When I served as pastor of an urban core church within walking distance of several major hospitals, it seemed like some people in our congregation might as well have lived a 1,000 miles away from those shining institutions. Unable to afford health insurance, or denied it, they fend for themselves and their children as best they can in a disconnected patchwork of free clinics, health fares, and doctors who will see them occasionally without charge. They often put off a serious health problem until it reaches chronic stages and then make an emergency run. This is no way for the most blessed country in the world to treat its most vulnerable citizens. This is as much a crisis of faith as it is a crisis of health care.”

Here is the link to the initiative and to the ad:

Two more links related to the initiative:

Faith For Health - announcing a nation-wide, faith-based call-in with President Obama next Wednesday evening, August 19.

Cover All Families - where prayer vigils are taking place.