Thursday, July 16, 2009


Seeing the wrong of side of the tapestry, I must keep my sight on the Hands that weave it

HAND AND HEART. While reading Helmut Thielicke, I came across this striking description of God's work amid the sometimes confusing, not-understandable ways in our experiences of life. I like the robust imagery of tapestry anyway, but Thielicke applies it one further helpful way.

"God is weaving a tapestry which I now see from the wrong side. If I lose sight of the Hands that are weaving it, the meaninglessness will make my blood turn cold. But whoever has known Christ has not only seen the Hands that do the weaving, but also the Heart that devises the woven design. And my now seeing the tapestry of life only from the wrong side kindles the deepest passion to be close to that Heart, drawing comfort from it and resting in it."

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