Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here's where authenticity and genuine growth begin

LISTENING IN REMEMBRANCE. Remembering that July 28 was the 28th anniversary of Keith Green's death in a plane crash, I've been listening to some of his music on my iPod. The following lyrics struck me as particularly poignant last evening.

YE MUST! VS WON'T YOU? Keith was a preacher, to be sure, but he was a preacher/singer who preached and sang, for all his intensities, with a brokenness and softness. I think this song captures that juxtaposition of "ye must" respond to the truth and "won't you" see what this Jesus reality is all about. "You won't learn a thing until you soften your heart."

HEART SOFTENING. Softening one's heart seems to be a critical action in many arenas and relationships and dimensions of life, doesn't it? I'd put it on a top ten list of steps into a renewed and hopeful life. We look at people and situations with such closedness, hard-eyedness, presumption, cynicism and criticism. We block whatever we might learn and however we might grow by just not being open, not softening our heart. Why not soften my heart?

So many times I've tried to tell you
But I don't think you've been listening
There's nothing I wanna try and sell you
'Cause His love is free

You're so proud of saying you're a seeker
But why are you searching in the dark?
You won't find a thing
Until you soften your heart

The message is oh so very simple
You gotta be like a child to see
'Cause Jesus said "Let the little children
Come unto Me"

You try to make things to complicated
But you really don't have to be so smart
You don't learn a thing
Until you soften your heart

Well if this just this once
I could show you your empty life
I know you would follow him
Right now

Well I know it sounds
Just too good to be true
But if He Lives in you
You'll never die, You'll never die,
You'll live forever
You'll never die, You'll never die,
Take care of forever now

You tell everyone to keep on smiling
Your outlook on life is so positive
But deep down inside
You're searching for a reason to live

Like everyone else you're scared of dying
But the power of death has been blown apart
And you'll live forever
If you soften your heart

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  1. In so many of your posts, I find a kindred spirit! Several times recently I've considered getting Keith Green in digital format (mp3-iPod-etc) - and have resented paying the prcie to do it. But, maybe I will treat myself to an album every birthday/Christmas.

    Your work and comments are meaningful and significant to this reader, Pastor John!

  2. Thanks, Marty. Appreciate your responses. Listening to Keith this week also reminded me of another group of artists from his era (or a bit earlier) -- The Way. Ring a bell?


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